Anish Bhutani

Washington DC Street Photography, January 2024

I went on a trip to Washington DC in January and decided to bring my camera to get some practice with street photography. I use the Sony A6400 with the Sony Kit lens that comes with it. On my trip, I tried a new restaurant Sichuan Pavilion (I’ll have to capture the food pics next time) and walked to the National Mall, capturing some decent shots. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t coming across in this post. However, you can see the higher quality photos on my instagram.

This was my first street photography trip this year. Hope to make many more and practice my photography in general. My trips typically tend to include trying a new restaurant and then walking around the area or towards an area. I would love to include a portion in future posts where I include more about the restaurants I go to and what I get. Do a bit of a combination of food and photography, as I love both. I can include a food review along with the photography of the area. Capture the environment, people and foods of the places I visit.

Picture of a moving metro in Washington DC
Picture of a subura car on the streets of Washington DC
Picture of the Washington Monument in the distance with an empty bench and trees on the right side of the picture.
Picture of the Washington Monument on the bottom left and two birds flying in the center of the image.

*all photos are unedited. See the high quality photos on my instagram: @AnBhuMedia*

This was my first trip so expect me to try a bunch of new things in these posts and trip. If you’d like to see more of my phototraphy you can visit my instagram which will include posts some that won’t be posted here and the reels/stories fro my trips.

Gear used on this Washington DC Street Photography trip: